Sharpening Iron

The longer we interact with people, the greater the tendency of their opinions and behaviours rubbing off on us. Over the years, I have found it necessary to limit my proximity to people who are more in tune with a reactionary lifestyle.

I want to stay a proactive individual full of positivism and constantly seeing opportunities where others see gloom and doom.

Life is hard enough as it is and I really do not think it is healthy to steadily engage in a “woe is me” tirade; complaining endlessly on how the government does nothing to help certain causes. I refuse to allow others put a label on me and I act accordingly.

Yes, double standards and biases exist but there are people who succeed in-spite of these difficulties. Why can’t I be one of those people? Why do I have to listen to people whingeing and why should I engage in such?

I have decided to take control of my life and watch what goes into my brain’s ecosystem. If I can, I will cut off the negativity and if I cannot, I will channel the negativity into something else. There are better things to do in life than talking endlessly about what’s wrong.

I do not know exactly what my next course of actions will be but I am sure the first step is to engage with people who are as zealous as I am about being proactive. After all, Iron sharpens iron.

How do you stave off negativity?


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