There is something about Wednesdays that makes me feel triumphant. The midweek victory which puts into perspective the things I have accomplished for the week and the remaining tasks that are yet to be completed.

Whilst eating my tasty porridge for breakfast, I pondered about things I had left un-ticked on my weekly to-do list and if I will accomplish them as I planned. If I don’t , they will be carried over to next week and that does my head in…I hate carrying tasks over. So many thoughts were playing in my head when a colleague passed by and mentioned how happy I always look.

Me? Always happy? Thou shalt not be deceived! I have my moments when all I want to do is scream at everybody within sight and throw a huge tantrum. I am continuously learning the art of self-control; to restrain from acting on how I feel but focus on how to deal with a situation. I am also learning that in the scheme of things, emotions are deceptive as they  change often and cannot be relied on to make rational decisions.

It is essential to employ cognitive behavioural techniques to change my reflexive attitude towards certain situations. This encourages mindfulness and one is not tempted to default into tantrum mode when faced with difficulties our emotions cannot handle.

I know this may sound like an encouragement of pretense. On the contrary, this is an encouragement to learn how we can interrupt our behavioural automatic responses and channel our inner maturity.

It is easier said than done but watch how you react to situations that test the limits of your patience. What is your default reaction? If it is explosive, can you work towards making your default mode less dramatic?

It does not matter how flawed or imperfect you think you are, you can change your outlook, embrace the flaws and focus on your strengths. Besides, you are only flawless when you pretend.


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