Crimson Regret

Today has certainly been an interesting day; one to test my resilience and sanity. Before I share the events, I would like to issue a disclaimer – I am not a scatter-brain (even though the following events cast doubts on that claim).

Here we go: I woke up this morning with unusual strength and a different kind of happiness. In my heart, I knew today was going to be a great day…how wrong I was.

After the usual morning rituals, I got on the bus happily humming away and reading the latest Readers’ Digest. Between my bus station and Marylebone station,  I lost my card holder with my travel cards, IDs, Debit cards and Starbucks card (the most important of them all).

After preventing myself from hyperventilating, I sprang into action. I knew I had to be in Oxford by 10:30 for a meeting and I needed to find the card holder or else I could kiss my meeting goodbye.

Thankfully, I had the bus registration number (I told you I am very organised) and called Transport For London (TFL) to help track the bus driver and see if he could find the card holder in his bus. The snag? It was 7:15 am and the TFL helpline is not open until 9 am!

I started berating myself. Why did I leave the card holder in my coat pocket? Why didn’t I check before I got off the bus that I had my travel card intact? I spent precious minutes mulling over what I coulda, shoulda, woulda but didn’t do.

Then I snapped. Why was I wasting so much time? I had a meeting to attend and the priority was to get to that meeting not to lick wounds. I spoke to the station guard about my misfortune and how I needed to get to Oxford by 10 am at the latest but didn’t have a debit card. He then asked me the most poignant question – do you have Apple Pay? I could have kissed him!

I have Apple Pay and my card details were securely stored in one of my cloud accounts. God bless the cloud. I got a new ticket, raced for my meeting and completely put the whole unsavoury event out of my mind.

Later today though, I received a call from my bank that a passer-by handed in my card holder with all my valuables. I could not have been any happier. Yes, this eventually ended well because I was not looking forward to cancelling all my cards and missing out on a £5 coffee but not all things end as well.

Situations arise that put to test the very core of your sanity. You cannot afford to get weighed down by this. Yes, it has happened and you are hurt, confused and disoriented but what do you have to do to remedy the situation? Where do you have to be? How can you get to where you need to be?

Nothing drains productivity and self-confidence like wishful thinking. Certain situations could have had a better outcome but of what use is mulling over everything that went wrong? This should not be confused with undergoing a lesson learned exercise – that’s a topic for another day.

This is not an easy skill to master and requires some form of practice. So when little things like forgetting to buy your lunch happens, it is not helpful to insult yourself and wonder how a full grown human being forgets their lunch. What helps is when you accept that you did and set activities in motion to ensure that it never happens again.

How do you get over a rough incident?


One thought on “Crimson Regret

  1. sorta going through a phase right now; the plans haven’t worked as I had hoped & projections aren’t correlating with results. Like you rightly said, you have to get to acting on resolving the problem as opposed to self criticism.


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