Fingers in dozens of different pies

Multitasking has become the trending catch word. It is seemingly an abomination to do one thing at a time.

God forbid that you only work on a certain presentation without being expected to perform open heart surgery whilst determining the best course of action to end the refugee crises in Europe.

There is an adage that says “if you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both”. How true that is.

In my life, I have found I place undue pressure and unnecessary strain on myself and my sanity.

I wake up in the morning not knowing what day of the week it is and by weekend, I am so exhausted I question the meaning of life and why on earth any human being has to work this hard to earn a suitable living.

Last weekend was an opportunity for me to reassess this madness.

I went to my secret hiding place, ordered the strongest coffee money could buy with the tastiest lemon cake ever and sat alone with my thoughts, a piece of paper and pen.

I wrote down the activities I engaged in which took the breath out of my soul by Friday night.

The list was ridiculous. Soon, my sheet of paper was filled with activities that I think I was possessed by sheer stupidity to undertake.

I realised why I felt knackered all the time…how wouldn’t I? Not only was I doing too many things at the same time, they were unrelated activities with no clear purpose.

I did what any sane human being would and started pruning the list.

Do I really need to write so many exams in one year? Can I not delegate all these work related meetings? How relevant is attending all the activities my church has organised? Is it even physically possible to attend all the birthday and social engagements I have listed in my calendar? No wonder I was mentally exhausted.

After the reassessment, I felt like the proverbial weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Now I am ready to conquer the world without the dreaded sense of heaviness and exhaustion.

How do you keep track your activities?


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