Tooting your horn

It is mind boggling how many people do remarkable things that no one hears about because there is a lack of publicity.

On the other hand, there are those who make so much noise about endlessly irrelevant things they do but this helps them stay in the limelight irrespective of the value (or as the case may be, lack of value) of their actions.

In his book ‘How to get rich’, Donald Trump makes this statement: “Subtlety and modesty are appropriate for nuns and therapists, but if you’re in business, you’d better learn to speak up and announce your significant accomplishments to the world — nobody else will.”

That statement resonates with me as I have a huge handicap in when showcasing my skills and expertise.

For example, I am an expert in planning and implementing Cloud Projects. It comes so naturally to me that I forget to emphasize that fact and when I am asked what my strengths are, I totally forget to include my ability to plan and execute cloud migration strategies. Even writing this makes me cringe because I feel like I am bragging but is stating my obvious skills classified as showing off?

I struggle with this because deep down, I am of the opinion that my work should speak for itself; and if I am actually that good, I don’t have to say anything…it would be so obvious to people.

That sounds all good and fantastic but it is a load of rubbish. People have other things in their lives and business space to focus on, one has to direct the attention of others to accomplishments achieved, progress made and things to come.

I am learning maintain the balance between undermining my skills and overstating my abilities. This is hard for me to do, so I am curious – who has mastered this art and how did you do it?


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