Misplaced Confidence 

It amuses me to no end that people who carry out tasks in a mediocre fashion tend to exude more confidence than others who carry out their tasks excellently. 

That’s not the general rule but I’ve seen this trend repeatedly and it is worth mentioning. 

I lead Project meetings and find that teams with uncompleted tasks attempt to shift the focus from the uncompleted tasks to irrelevant items that have been completed. 

On the other hand, teams that have completed most of the tasks agreed upon tend to babble about inconsequential issues. 

I end up feeling like all their great work has gone to waste as they’ve failed to highlight their excellent accomplishments. 

Part of this anomaly is the fact that there is a lack of order and method in showcasing our achievements. It simply is not enough to say all requirements have been met. 

It is essential to reiterate what deliverables were agreed upon, the mechanisms that were set in motion to achieve them and improvements made by fulfilling all requirements. 

Even where outstanding items remain, it’s easier to manage expectations when completion processes are visible to stakeholders. 

How do you maintain stakeholder confidence when delivering results?


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