Porous Brains

It bothers me when I have to repeatedly express what needs to be done especially when all stakeholders involved had verbally agreed to followup actions.

I know you have the same issues too, like when you tell software developers your precise requirements and they give you the exact opposite…with a number of glitches thrown in for extra measure.

For so long, I got irritated with this and had the tendency to simply refuse to engage with anyone on the dev team.

Then I realized that I was not really helping matters. My ever constant changing requirements meant that the dev team had no idea what intelligent new interface I wanted to go on the app or did not have enough information to to know what requirements were still relevant and what was off the table.

It dawned on me that having something as simple as an action log which was maintained daily at stand-up meetings could reduce the temptation to commit murder.

Yes, I know we are all intelligent and what not but I can count how many times verbal decisions made in a meeting have been acted upon. Our brains simply tend to forget crucial bits and pieces discussed in meetings.

Not a horrendous list but something as simple writing down what has been verbally agreed upon and having the list signed off by all those responsible.

It is easy to apportion blame when there is nothing set in stone but as soon as requirements are written down and accepted by all parties, there is no room for mediocrity.

People are forced to be responsible for certain actions and have no one to blame but themselves when requirements are not met.

How do you keep up with agreed tasks and actions in your team?


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