Armed Bandit: The woes of Behavioural Change

My head is spinning this afternoon from lack of breakfast (aka coffee) and seemingly endless back-to-back meetings.

Finally, I have a breather and the only thing I want to do is lie under a duvet with a new book and ice lollipop. No, I am not a fan of the sunshine this afternoon; and no, I am not in the mood to engage with humans in the real world…I just want fictional characters right now.

Alas, one can only dream and there is no way I can have an ice lolly (let alone lie down peacefully) until tomorrow. This ‘growing up’ business is not for the faint of heart, you have to forcefully pick yourself up and do everything that your body says no to. Well, you don’t really have to…you could just sleep all day and poverty would come upon you like an armed bandit.

On a serious note though, there is no worse excuse in the world than “I was not in the mood” or “I didn’t feel like doing that”. In the grand scheme of things, feelings are irrelevant and we should not enslave ourselves to our feelings and desires.

Regardless of how ideal it is to sunbathe all day (or in my case lie in bed for the rest of my life), it is necessary to exercise discipline. It is essential to cultivate the habit of thinking about how our actions affect our lives in the long term. Easier said than done, yes? I agree. So here are a few tools in my productivity toolbox:

  1. Monetize your time: I am yet to meet anyone who enjoys losing money and it is very annoying when you realize you could have saved money if you had just waited until midnight to buy that infused water bottle. How much is your time worth and what activities can you afford to engage in? If you’ve pegged your hourly rate at £10 an hour and you sleep 10 hours a day, your sleeping habit can quickly turn out to a very expensive one.
  1. Be Accountable: Yes, you have made the decision to be more circumspect with your time and you’re pumped. It won’t take long for complacency to set in and you would wonder why you made certain decisions in the first place. This is where being accountable to someone is helpful. Expressing your vision to the right accountability partner is essential as they serve as check and balances to ensure you are on the right path.
  1. Build Resilience: Don’t be too hard on yourself when you don’t act according to plan. A great singer once said: “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” That is my mantra and I have learned not to beat myself up too much but on the flip side, not to give silly excuses for my inefficiencies.

How do you stay motivated when a task you probably hate needs to be completed?


2 thoughts on “Armed Bandit: The woes of Behavioural Change

  1. Love this. First and foremost need to get back to reading. The last book Intead was in January.

    That mood thing you mentioned is true but with most of the stuff I do, mostly the creative ones, I have to work with my mood. Lol. Like seriously, if I’m not in the mood to do a particular things, I’d most likely do something else, not just faff around.


    1. You have a good point there as I am sure it is impossible to do your creative stuff if there is no zeal. What if you have a massive deadline though? How do you put yourself in the mood to deliver?


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