Life beyond my nose

The temptation to work myself to the bone is in great abundance. I am grateful I enjoy what I do and work is a lifestyle for me. On the flip side, it is dangerous living only in the bubble of what I do to earn a living. I need more bubbles in my life…more exciting bubbles please!

Investing all my time and energy in my career yields dividends but I run the risk of having nothing else as a support and that is not a wise move, my friend. 

Last year, I made a conscious decision to go out more, meet people, invest in building friendships and acquaintances. Today, I’m taking stock and even though I’ve done a great job of not living in my own little bubble, there is still a lot of work to be done. 

I still feel awkward when speaking with people outside of work. Meeting new people is so nerve wracking that I feel my legs turn to jelly and my voice rise above the recommended decibel for intelligent conversation. How people find me easy to relate with is beyond my comprehension. 

I still enjoy people watching though and this year I’ve graduated from merely watching people to actually stepping up to them and engaging them in a conversation about themselves and their interests. Boy, what great conversations I’ve had!

Last week, I watched a lady and her dog on the beach. They were so carefree; enjoying the sun, water and sand. After swallowing my nervousness, I walked up to them and thankfully, she didn’t think me weird.

 We spoke about everything; ranging from my coffee addiction to the restaurant she owned in St. Brelade with her husband. It was refreshing just easing into a conversation that would never have happened if I merely watched from afar. 

Her parting words to me were: “you have to leave your comfort zone if you’re ever going to have a life worth living. What use is it doing the same thing, the same way everyday? You call that predictability? That’s just madness !” You really can’t argue with that. 

Have a fab day people!



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