Book Review: The Complete 101 Collection by John Maxwell

John Maxwell has such a contagious passion for everything leadership and personal growth. He is a card carrying member of team intentional growth and I am very excited to have finished this book and write up a review.

The John Maxwell series of 101 books are leadership books written in an easy-to-read bite size format and this particular collection is a compendium of all the 101 on books on Attitude, Self-Improvement, Leadership, Relationships, Success, Teamwork, Equipping, and Mentoring.

For anyone taking their first step in the foray of leadership, look no further. This book of books is definitely for you. It gives the fundamental principles necessary to equip yourself as a leader without bogging you down with too many distracting details. It points you to the right direction and where further illumination is required, the reader is pointed to richer and more in-depth resources that would help.

This is indeed a timeless and classic book; you really want to get your copy, read it and share with the people close to you.

Have a lovely day people!



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