I am in a Café, writing my blogposts for the week and I am seated across a father and his two sons who are absolutely well behaved. Ofcourse they make some noise but they are not rude to their daddy and they basically do what he tells them to. Before he sat across me, he apologised for the noise and mess that may occur but I was determined that I would write in peace and enjoy watching them interact. The first thing that made me smile was when the younger son threw one of his chips on the floor and his dad said “well son, that chip is yours and you would eat it, alright?” The older son was so restless and he was spending the whole time staring out the window and jumping about. His dad told him to sit down and eat his chips. To my surprise, he did not argue, he just grudgingly sat and started eating. It made me realise how fine a job the father has done (and the mother too) in raising children who are free to do what they want but take instructions from him when the need arises. Ah, I just realised that they are putting on such a good show because they have been promised a trip to the toy shop downstairs after eating their meal. Makes me realise that sometimes we need to give people incentives, no matter how small, to do the things that are neccesarry for a great outcome. In other news, I am finally renaming this blog from QueenSpades to Leaderature. It is a pun as it is a website for the art of leadership being written down for a community of leaders. I would migrate the content to Leaderature.org and we would talk about all things leadership on the blog. What do you think? Have a lovely day people! x


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