Book Review: Life is____ by Judah Smith

I enjoyed reading Judah’s first book (Jesus is____) and I looked forward to the new book with great anticipation. I was not disappointed as he writes with such depth and structure that you are able to follow his line of reasoning and the intention of his message.

The book is divided into four parts:

  1. Life is to be loved.
  2. Life is to trust God in every moment.

  3. Life is to be at peace with God and yourself.

  4. Life is to enjoy God.

The words under these topics give clarity to how Judah encouraged his readers to view life and seize the opportunities that life presents. He uses a great narrative style in intimating us with stories from his life and his perspectives going through life with a solid relationship with God. 

Even those who are non-religious or agnostic can learn a thing or two about how life can be approached as we are all on a journey of self-discovery.

He ends the book this quote: “Life is waiting for you, and it is amazing”.

Have a wonderful day people!



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