All in my mind

I had a very interesting experience yesterday on my way home. To put this in context, you need to know a few things about my commute to work. 

It takes an hour, door to door, for me to get from my room at home to my desk at work (I have timed it repeatedly, so I am certain). In order to get home at specific times, I need to be in sync with the Transport for London (TFL) and Southern Train services. If I miss the rhythm by even a second, my commute would take 30 minutes longer simply because the Southern Train comes every 30 minutes. 

 Yesterday, I had a Finance surgery meeting (more about this later) and the meeting overran by a couple of minutes. I knew, for selfish reasons, that I needed to adjourn the meeting or else I would get home really late. So I did and practically ran out of the meeting room to catch my ride to the station. 

On my way, I mentally calculated that it would take me 10 minutes to get to the platform if I ran but for some reason, I got negative and decided I may as well wait on the platform for the next train.

As fate would have it, I got to the station and just as I was about to jump into the train (imagine a female James Bond doing the whole film trick effect) the doors closed on my hand bag! 

I did not make it on the train and I had to wait the dreaded 30 minutes extra to get home.

Whilst sulking that I missed the train, I realised that I did not get on that train because I already thought it was impossible. So even when the possibility was presented, my body did not seize it because in my mind, it was impossible. 

That was a real eye opener for me. It was a tangible example of how strong the mind is and why one should watch what one entertains or believes. Right now, I am taking baby steps to reprogramme my mind and I encourage you to do the same. Open your mind to various possibilities and when the opportunity presents itself, you would be primed and ready to seize it. 

In other news, my flatmate got tickets for us to go for some vintage shopping on Saturday. Looking forward to this makes me realise I need to go out more and enjoy the joys that living in London presents. 

Have an amazing day people. 



2 thoughts on “All in my mind

  1. SO TRUE!! I can’t tell you how many times this happened to me, mostly always with travel (running for a train, cycling) and I always think the same thing – that I must just go for it as if what I want is possible!


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