I am not paid enough to do my job

I enjoy going to Hatton Garden just to ogle at the different colours of jewellery…and also to eat street food on Fridays. It reminds me of a more sophisticated Gold Souk (although they definitely sell more than gold).

Imagine my horror when I read that an estimated £200m worth of jewellery was stolen from the Hatton garden safe deposit! I cannot even imagine how the owners of the jewels feel. I mean, if I just lose the hook of my earring, I go into a frenzy…and that’s just a gold hook that doesn’t cost a thousand quid.

The most irritating thing to me though was when a weekend security guard was said he was in the building on Friday night and heard the alarm going off but did not further investigate because ‘he is not paid enough to do that’! Are you kidding me!!! What kind of attitude have we cultivated towards the work we do? By all means, he did not have to go and investigate further, he could simply have called 999 or radioed the police or whatever. What on earth does he mean by he is not paid enough? He could have been the pioneer who prevented the world’s largest ever jewllery theft but he could not see beyond his nose.

I could go on spewing fire, brimstone and indignation but it is a cause for concern and as leaders in the workplace, we should consider why we are doing what we do and how we lead others on our teams to do carry out their duties with zeal and diligence.

What matters in the long run is how we carry out our duties and ensure that even when we feel underpaid, we work so diligently that when we request higher payment there would be a reference point with regard to how valuable our services are to the company/ organisation we work for.

Don’t kid yourself that anyone can pay you your true worth and if your indignant about how little you are being paid, leave the job for others willing to do better.

In other news, I just received my copy of Stephen King’s book on writing. I am so excited and I can’t wait to learn how to be a better writer from the master himself.


Have a great day people!



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