Bank Holiday Recharge

I have anticipated the Easter holidays with such excitement and I cannot believe it is over already. Apart from eating illegal amounts of food, it was a time for me to put my affairs in order and determine how the next quarter of 2015 would go.

Although I did not achieve as much as I wanted to in the first quarter (partly because I kept procrastinating), I am glad that I achieved as much as I did. Now I have a new sense of purpose and this second quarter is just going to be fantastic.

The top 3 things on my list:

  1. Upgrade my Lean Six Sigma qualification (I am currently a Green Belt).
  2. Update my blog 4 time a week. Laziness cannot be camouflaged as being busy.
  3. Read 2 books a week (I commute 2 hours daily so I know I can do this without excuses).

There are definitely other things on my list but these fall under the ‘must do’ category. What is on your list?

In other news, I have been listening to “The Law of Success” audio book by Napoleon Hill and I can’t recommend it enough. My blog post for this month would feature things that I have learned from this book that I think are useful for leaders to know.

Have a lovely evening people!



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