Book Review: Rise by Trip Lee

I totally enjoy reading books and although I have my “usual suspects” with regard to authors, I intermittently read new books from new authors or authors I have never heard of.

When the opportunity arose to review yet another book, I chose to review Trip Lee’s book and I am thoroughly impressed by his writing style and the content of his book. When it comes to reading non-fiction, it takes me a couple of days but with this book, I stayed up all night (I have a few new eye wrinkles as proof) and was amused at how eloquently he addressed the issues that plague all youths and adults…the issue of seizing the present time instead of waiting for an illusive opportunity to change the world in the future.

His thoughts put down in this book are very poignant especially when you realise that a lot of people have a lot of potential but sit on the sidelines endlessly wishing to do certain things when the “grow up”. He encourages teenagers and Young Adults to lay more emphasis on what they are created to be than on the fleeting opinions of others.

I recommend this book firstly to young adults as he lays down a lot of nuggets that are relevant to the young adults of this generation. Next, I recommend this to anyone who has contact with young adults or who regrets the way they spent their ‘youthful’ years…he gives the strong encouragements that wherever you are, you can rise again.

Have a lovely day people!



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