Decisions, decisions. 

I am of the opinion that in any leadership role, the confidence to make a decision is of utmost importance. We’ve all faced situations where uncertainty creeps in and good old panic forces us to act irrationally or not take any decision making steps. 

We can spend so much time gathering endless data to analyse what the best decision would be but get paralysed when the timescale for making the decision is seemingly so short that not making an immediate decision would render the intended benefits useless.


Is there a fool proof model for making better decisions faster? I don’t think so. Every situation is different but with experience comes confidence in your ability to make great decisions and to me, that is more important than the decision itself as you are able to defend investing time, effort and resources in such decision making activities.


For example one of the breaking news in the Grocery world today is the fact Sainsbury’s has finally launched it click and collect service subject to a minimum £20 spend. This news comes 5 years after other rivals launched their click and collect service (Asda has this in all of its 592 stores while Tesco has this in over 300 stores). Some analysts may see this as a late decision made to improve falling sales but this is debatable.


Sainsbury’s had always been a leader in the online shopping sphere even without the click and collect service so the ‘do nothing’ option may have been the best decision made until now. 

As the market dynamics changed, they must have realised that it is necessary to include this option for its customers (people like me) who simply can’t be bothered to go in store and browse the shelves for goods so they have made the decision to cater to this set of customers. One could also argue that they waited too late to make this decision and may not see the improvement in sales that they envisage.


Regardless of what side of the fence you are, their confidence in the decision made is admirable and only time would tell what the outcome would be (i.e. if there would be a significant increase in sales).


In our personal or work lives, churning through endless data may be unnecessary to make a good decision as there is no rule against changing your mind or making new decisions based on latest information which renders previous data obsolete.


So my nuggets for today:


· Don’t make the mistake of having a brain freeze when you are pressed for a decision.

· Look at the available facts or figures before you and make an informed decision.

· Do not be afraid to change earlier decisions made based on new data. It doesn’t make you seem weak, it actually depicts the fact that you have the strength of character and confidence to make wise decisions that can be defended.


In other news, I made a decision to change my gym sessions from morning to mid-day just because I realised that I spend more time preparing for the gym in the morning. I was spending 45 minutes to prepare for a 30 minute gym session…not wise at all. 

At the time though, the reason I decided on an early gym session was because I had exams to write and waking up early meant I could study and then run off to the gym. I then conducted a review of how I spent my time and realised that participating in the noon sessions meant that I only spent an hour on gym related duties (10 minutes walk each way to get to the gym, 30 minutes to work out and 10 minutes to shower). I think this works for me at the moment.


A question for you though…how do you know when to change decisions you’ve made?


Have a fab day people.




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