I just realised that my What’s App, Vimeo and Instagram apps have been updated. As the inquisitive person that I am, I read the update notes and tried to gauge if the intended benefits were actually achieved.

I am an advocate of continuous improvement but I find that when I have to relearn how to use an app or a process, I get very irritable. On the flip side, if a much needed change is required, I criticise until the change is implemented.

How can I ensure that I make the much required changes to facilitate process improvement without stepping on anyone’s toes?

1. Do not aim to please everyone: The moment I start thinking everyone has to be satisfied with the change I need to implement, I’ve set myself up for failure and frustration.

2. Determine why the change is needed: Sometimes I tend to be activity oriented and even when something is working, I just want to tweak it because I can. You know what is said about not fixing things that are not broken? I need to make sure that I can explain why a change is needed in one sentence.

3. What are the Benefits?: if I can’t state the actual benefits (not the dream/ excuses), then I may need to have a rethink. One of the ways to test this is to share it with an objective person.

4. Measure: Everything has to be measured. The Benefits, the benefits realisation, the impact of the change…you get the picture?

In other news, BT has finally bought EE for £12.5bn! I sure wish I was part R the team who conducted due diligence before the acquisition. You could read more about it here.

Have a fab day people!


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