Chill Pill

I hardly used to take a break during the day as I believed I should work steadfastly on whatever I had in front of me until I got the Eureka moment when everything becomes crystal clear. That’s the myth I have believed for years until fairly recently when I read this Stylist article and decided to step away from the desk at lunch time. Oh the clarity of thought and complete sense of freedom this has brought to me.

A month of stepping away from my screen and taking a proper break has not only helped my productivity soar but it has given me the proper opportunity to bond with my team. It has helped my team stop feeling guilty about taking a break just because their crazy Leader munches on Carrots and Houmous during her break (not to talk about stinking up the whole office with my fried rice and chicken when I have that at my desk).

Today we took a walk on the High street, bought some street food and ate it whilst window shopping for knick knacks. My mother must never read this post about me eating on the road but it was so liberating especially when I got back to my desk and I could deal with certain issues with better clarity and from a different angle. It felt like the wheels in my head had been properly oiled.

Also, it gives my brain the much deserved rest it needs especially as I am an early riser and my brain is active for long stretches at a time. I realised I did not need much coffee to kickstart my brain and my eyes didn’t feel like I ran into someone’s fists.

The pressure to perform and yield outcomes is great but don’t succumb to it…take a break when it feels like you are being choked with work and you would be surprised at how eager you are to take over the world when you come back from you time away from the desk.

In other news, how was your day?



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