Signs and Predictions

I woke up this morning and set about my usual routine…2 shots of coffee, bible reading, risk management study plan and teeth brushing. I got out of my flat just in time to catch my bus and lo and behold, it was snowing!

I am ashamed to say I was caught off guard especially as I have 2 weather apps on my phone and I inwardly judge people who go to work soaking wet claiming they didn’t know it was going to rain. Here I am judging myself for wearing inappropriate clothing for the beautiful snowy day.

In business, there are times when changes creep upon us and there are times when those changes could have been foreseen if we had diligently watched out for trends/ forecasts.

Don’t succumb to the ignorance of going with the flow. Plan your next steps based on informed predictions and if these don’t readily exist, create check points in your plan where you create time to ensure you are always kept informed of current trends.

In other news, what are your thoughts about the UK backing three-person IVF?

Have a fab day people!



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