Right move…wrong time?

I have realised that knowing what to do but having to wait until action can be effectively taken can be the most frustrating thing ever.

You buy a green avocado that is obviously unripe and you know deep down in your heart, you should not eat it but you do and get a tummy ache or it simply tastes like saw dust.

At work, you’ve typed up that beautiful report that took ages. You know you should not send it just yet but your trigger happy fingers press the send button. Like magic, you see a lot of errors and proceed to berate yourself for not spell/sense checking the report. The eagerness to just make a move has rendered you unable to apply common sense.

Patience is a virtue that brings with it restlessness. It is necessary to practice patience in small doses so that when it really matters, we can wait until the time is right to act.

Currently, I’m practicing patience by waiting for my microwaveable meal to get properly heated. Time stalls when you’re hungry.

In other news, February is here and it is time to gather those lessons learned in January so you can maximise opportunities this month and avoid/minimise issues that could arise.

Have a fab day people!


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