Taking Stock

I enjoy making plans, assessing pros/cons and actually carrying out activities that bring plans to life. As all Project planners/ professional planners know, it is necessary to have check points when executing a plan. These check points give you an opportunity to see how feasible the execution of your plan is and if there is any new information that would require an “exception” plan. Just incase you’re wondering, an exception plan is a plan made when it becomes obvious that due to new information or unforeseen circumstances, the original plan cannot be achieved as planned.

The most important thing is planning a lesson learned session after actualising your plans. Basically, this is a period where you track the success or failure of your endeavour by identifying how the plan was followed or deviation in the plan. This helps you keep a log of lessons that would help you make the right decisions in the future or prevent you from making the same mistakes.

It is relatively easy to this with our work life or study plans but I always encourage people to take stock of their lives. We all need to have check point where we pause and consider whether or not we are on the right track. If we are on point, we identify opportunities to maximise that. If we have challenges, we identify steps to get back on track. Easier said than done, I know; but with practice it gets easier.

In other news, I have finally decided to use Open Source images for my blog posts simply because I realised that some of my pictures had no obvious correlation to my posts. Let’s see how it goes.

Have an amazing weekend people and I hope the month of January was as good to you as it was to me.



3 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. Good one to think about. I partially do this and I always have that thought at the back of my mind that I should do it more often. But I always go with the full understanding that set backs are as much my own as they are lessons. Notes taken.


  2. The interesting thing about taking stock is that majority of people won’t do it. It’s a given that things will go wrong in different areas of life, but instead of analysing these failures and learning from those mistakes, most of us pass the blame ferociously, and end up making all these mistakes over and over again.

    I’m guilty of this, so, thanks for the write up.


    1. You’re totally right. I think It’s the fact that we think things would go wrong, we resign ourselves to that fact when indeed they do. Thanks a lot for reading 🙂


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