Payday virus

I know a lot of people have been looking forward to today especially as it is the first payday of the year (after spending so much in December).

What plays in my mind is the fact that a lot of retailers play on our vulnerability. You don’t believe me? I’ve had 12 payday related emails…all before noon.

Although some would argue, it is possible to stop living pay check to pay check. The first thing is to live within your means and if your means cannot find your lifestyle, perhaps it is time to either lower your standards or find an alternative means of income.

I could write a list of methods that could help you stop living for payday but I won’t. There are so many great articles out there. All I am going to do is encourage you that is not an elusive goal to live a healthy life without running out of money every month.

It’s easier than it seems and with practice, you’ll find that you can live within your means by carefully planning how what you spend on and putting some funds aside in a savings account.

In other news, how are your new year resolutions going? Don’t worry, even if you’ve broken any don’t despair…dust yourself up and try again.

Have a fab day people!



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