I was at Foyles last night and I noticed that Valentine Cards were already out for sale.

Maybe I am overreacting here but is Valentine’s day not 3 weeks away? Okay, yes I am overreacting but it has made me realise that people with foresight are usually prepared for a windfall and all those sweet deals that retailers create to lure us to spend more.

Sometimes, I think it is useless buying anything full price in London as there are so many sale periods…makes me wonder if the RRP is not initially inflated so we can make purchases during sales period. Alas, I digress.

How can this be translated to our work/life situation? That has been playing on my mind all day and I think I have come up with a few titbits that I can follow in order to be prepared for and maximise opportunities that arise:

1. Seek out a pattern: Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory made this observation when watching people interact “Like Jane Goodall observing the apes, I initially saw their interactions as confusing and unstructured, but patterns emerge. They have their own language if you will.” Then he proceeds to explain his observations.
In the same way I have realised that despite the seeming confusion in the work place, people are predictable and if I stay patient I can see the emerging patterns and maximise the potential to utilise them to my advantage.

2. Plot a plan of action: It is one thing to understand patterns and cycles around me but of what use is it if I do not deliberately put plans in motion to exploit them to the fullest? I need to have a realistic planning horizon and ensure I keep my ears open in order to keep current.

3. Act: This is the hard part because sometimes I think too hard and engage in endless planning. Even when I know that 3 for the price of 2 deal at Sainsbury’s is going to end tomorrow, I still twiddle my thumbs. That’s not the way forward. Act before it is too late and if you have no idea when ‘too late’ is, you need to go back to step 1.

4. Share: The temptation to keep all the goodies to myself is great but of what use is that? The world of the generous grows larger and larger…that is enough reason to share.

In other news, I saw this book at Foyles (The doodle notebook).


It made me giggle…I didn’t buy it though. I am a hypocrite who secretly wishes to doodle and waste time at work but would never carry out her secret fantasy and harshly judge others who dare to.

Have a fab day people!



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