Breakfast…in my dreams

imageI am excited that the sun is out on a cold Saturday morning and all I am craving is Eggs Benedict from Del’ Aziz and Nespresso Bukeela Ka. That is my idea of a perfect Saturday morning…with a book of course. I was still in bed dreaming of my perfect morning when I realised it was 10 am! I spent the better part of my morning dreaming of the perfect way to spend my morning.

Right now, I am in Del’ Aziz and shaking my head at myself…I should have made a Saturday plan with alternative scenarios before Saturday. It’s a bit like deciding to meet a friend and waiting until you get to the station to ask for the venue for the meet up…crazy huh?

I have nothing against dreaming (I have a gold medal in dreaming) but the people who achieve their goals know when to stop dreaming and actually get up to actualise their dreams. There are no perfect ways to make plans and there has to be a planning horizon within which you decide when to drop the pen and run with your vision.

In other news, the Court of Appeal ruling in the Rihanna/ Topshop case is finally out and as I predicted, the ruling was in favour of Rihanna! If you are an IP Law enthusiast like me, you can read the Court of Appeal ruling here but if you just want the abridged and more interesting version, read IP Kat’s blog.

Have a fab day people!



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