Workplace Elves

I have always wondered why people are hesitant to help others especially in the work place. Do they think that others would steal their spotlight if they offer any help? Or do they think people would keep bugging them with the mundane?

It has never been an problem for me to help others, quite the opposite actually. I tend to carry people’s issues on my head and would not rest until I find a solution to their dilemma.

I have now found the balance between helping others and keeping my sanity but it troubles me that people who have solutions to an issue you face just stand back and watch you struggle alone. Keep in mind that I am talking about helping others in the workplace and not about life in general.

Recently, a colleague of mine was having major issues with a Risk Management process and I am the guru of all gurus when it comes to anything Risk Management.

After sorting out the kinks, I jokingly said to him that he left his Business Area to ask me for help because he knows I am simply the best. He laughed and said he had to because no one on his team seemed willing to help.

I was all shades of shocked because in the end, if he could not sort out the process it would have a huge impact on his Business Area.

Of course, it got me thinking that sometimes our unwillingness to help others has no rational basis whatsoever. I am not saying we should drop all we have on our table at the drop of a hat but either help or show others the way to help.

The worst thing you can ever say to anyone who needs your help at work is “I don’t know”. What do you mean by you don’t know? This is the 21st century and even if you don’t know, there are people within your circle who would know.

Instead of just dismissing someone with an “I don’t know” statement, proactively point them to someone you think should know better and follow up to find out how they got their issues resolved.

When you are thanked for helping out, graciously accept the thanks with a “You’re welcome” or “It was a pleasure”. I am not really a fan of people saying “It was nothing”…it definitely cost your time and brain work and that should be acknowledged.

In other news, I am excited about completing my Supplier Relationship Course. Yay me! A lot of my friends think I am an exam junkie but I am so terrified of writing professional exams and I do it because I must face my fears. No time for letting paralyzing fear deter me on my world domination journey.

Have a fab day people!



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