Process Overhaul

I am learning to speak up about things that affect me and how I can improve processes. Random eh? You see, I am one of those women who don’t enjoy unnecessary attention and confrontation.

If I see that a certain process is not working and no one is open to change, I would seethe inside and label the process owner an insufferable ignoramus. That is such a juvenile approach and I am glad I have finally wisened up. I make sure I don’t come off as a Little Miss Know-it-all as that just spells doom and people would avoid you at all costs.

Picking holes in established processes is a feat that any fool can accomplish but only the savvy can proffer solutions to perceived issues. So what do you do when the person in charge is a moron and is unable to effectively change the way things are?

1. Change your mindset: The person in charge is definitely not a moron and can see the chaos you see. Once you start thinking of your leader in a derogatory manner, it affects your ability to proffer solutions for the good of all.

2. Point out what is working out great: Have you noticed that no matter how amazing the leather is or how ‘on point’ the design of the shoes are, if they are half a size too small you get blisters from wearing them? That does not mean the shoe is not amazing, it just doesn’t fit.
In the same way, the processes being implemented in your team could be amazing if taken out of context. Instead of discountenancing it altogether, point out what is amazing about it and then state how it can be modified to suit the needs of your team.

3. Don’t take things personal: Yes, even after thinking your team leader is the greatest thing since Nutella and you have proferred solutions to the perceived process issues in your team, remember that your lofty ideas can be rejected and it is not a personal thing. Your team leader sees the bigger picture and has stakeholders to whom s/he is accountable.

That’s all folks and I hope this helps you realise that team leaders have their own struggles…don’t add to it by being obnoxious and condescending.

In other news, I think I am now a Toke Makinwa fan. I listen to a lot of Vloggers and all but not necessarily Nigerian Vloggers (no particular reason).

Last night, while watching Doro Bucci on YouTube (yes, I am the only Nigerian who just started listening to the song in 2015), I saw a YouTube recommendation to watch her Vlog and I did. I was impressed because it was a lighthearted Vlog discussing issues that affect all. You should check it out.

Have a fab day.



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