The snooze fest.

I really don’t understand why I snooze my alarm for an hour before I finally get up. I have tried self motivation, cajoling myself that the snooze button is of the devil and even threatening myself with grievous bodily harm (aka no coffee for the whole day)…yet, I still reach out to the extreme left side of my bed to snooze the silly alarm.

Last night, I set my alarm for 3 am (with the intelligent foresight of the fact that I would snooze until 4 am) and when the alarm went off, I snoozed until I heard the loud shrill of the smoke alarm at 3:45 am. I jumped out of my bed faster than you could say ‘hey’ and all my senses were alert.

It was false alarm…my flatmate was baking and the smoke from the oven triggered the alarm. Don’t ask me why a normal human being would be baking so early in the morning biko.

After the whole morning drama, I thought to myself how ready I am to make excuses for not doing what I want to but when pressure is applied, it is amazing how high I can jump.

The annoying thing is that I know that the extra hours in bed have no positive effect. Quite the opposite as I feel rushed when I eventually drag myself out of bed and berate myself for not getting up when I knew I should.

What am I going to do about my snooze addiction? Well, I am just going to stop snoozing…no 3 steps on how to stop delaying things you need to do, no 5 tried and trusted ways to just do it.

I know why I need to wake up early and I should respect the reason enough to get out of bed without making unnecessary excuses.

In other news, today is Blue Monday…I know, you are as baffled as I am about the need to have such a day but out of the plethora of reason I have found on Google, I enjoyed reading this Huffington Post about using the ‘popularity’ of Blue Monday to create awareness of all Mental health illness.

Have a fab day people.


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