The recipe for a wimpy and puny lifestyle

I am so excited about the year 2015 as I am confident it presents opportunities for me to be pivotal within my sphere of influence and achieve much more than I have written down or can imagine. The annoying thing about starting out a new year is the fact that is seems like everyone and their pets draw up New Year resolutions or refine their goals (for those who hate the word New year Resolutions). Usually, by the end of January all the renewed ginger has simmered and some of us are back to the old cycle of a drudgery lifestyle.

Nevertheless, the fear of falling into to the trap of not achieving set goals should not deter us from engaging our mental faculties to set goals that are greater than we are. The recipe for living a wimpy and puny lifestyle is as follows:

  1. Operate within your comfort zone only: It is quite easy to rationalise why making investments in certain endeavours would fail. If I start this new Shaun T work out, how sure am I that I would sustain the discipline required for the next 60 days? Well, how would you know if things would change for certain if you never attempt them?
  2. Engage in Cognitive Dissonance: Despising what we deem unachievable is a feat for the unmotivated. Just like the fox in Aesop’s fable (The Fox and the Grapes), we deem grapes in high branches as sour simply because of our inability to conceive other ways to get the grapes. It is easy to despise what you cannot get.
  3. Beat yourself up real good: This is the icing on the cake! When you stumble, be quick to harshly criticise yourself as that would deter you from setting anymore goals or reattempting what you failed to achieve.
  4. Think small: What does Donald J. Trump know about thinking big? Doesn’t he realise that not all humans are blessed with the gift of thinking big and would rather go home? Continually think small and blame the government, political parties, church, council and the weather for all your woes.
  5. Be comfortable with mediocrity: There is no point trying to infuse the culture of excellence in all you do. People would think you are too hard to please or an avoidable nit picker. The basic necessities would do…why bother going the extra mile?

In other news, I would like to express gratitude and appreciation to all who read my blog. It is quite humbling that you take your time to read what I’ve got to say and your feedback has been very instrumental to redefining how I write and the contents of my blog.

Have an amazing day and Happy New Year people!



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