The washing up revolution

I have written previously about how much I enjoy cooking and eating but what I abhor equally as much as I enjoy cooking is washing up the dishes after.

I can’t understand how in the 21st century we have not come up with a way to magically have dishes cleaned up after a meal…as in right there on the table as one is eating. No, don’t point me to the direction of a dishwasher; do you know the energy that goes into loading and unloading the dishwasher?

Thankfully I have symbiotic relationships with a number of my friends and they are only too glad to clean up after me in the kitchen as long as they eat to their heart’s content.

Life is a bit like that in the sense that with all the glory of achieving great accomplishments there are dirty dishes behind the scenes that need to be washed up in order to have complete victory.

Of what use is it going to University and graduating with stellar grades if you don’t put in the effort to put yourself out there apply for jobs? What is the point writing beautiful music and keeping the sheets under your pillow because you can’t be bothered to approach agents who may just know the right people to market your work to?

Sometimes our excuses for not going the extra mile are just what they are – excuses. The honest truth is we just do not like the process and come up with all sorts of stories about why our sinks are full and dirty or why our careers have not taken off like we envisaged. I am by no means disregarding the hard work a lot of people put in to ensure they succeed; I am addressing people like me who put things off simply because of the energy required.

There are no hard and fast rules but I have a few nuggets on how to kick-start yourself into action:
· Be honest with yourself. Sometimes we believe the excuses we give and it necessary to discard all excuses and be brutally honest with ourselves. Are you in a rut due to your own oversight?

· Address the root cause. Once you have honestly figured out why things are not going as planned, it is easier to have an idea of what the root cause is and then plot strategies to address them.
For example, my sink is full of dirty dishes simply because I get lazy after eating a meal and can’t be bothered to wash up all those pots and plates. The solution I devised? Wash as I cook.
It sounds so simple but it took me ages to realise that my laziness was fostered by a full belly. So now I just wash up before the meal and after the meal, I just have the plates to wash up and it would be an embarrassment if I can’t just wash one plate after my meal.

· Remember why. Why would your actions lead to a better outcome? How can you ensure you stay inspired to carry out the actions necessary for a better outcome?
Using the washing up analogy, I usually watch The Apprentice US as I am a huge Donald Trump fan and I find I learn a lot from the tasks given. So not only do I have a clean kitchen after 45 minutes, I also get the chance to watch one of my favourite shows.

In other news, the Hillsong Christmas carols is on Sunday the 21st of December at the SSE arena in Wembley by 7pm and I have 2 tickets to give away. Leave a comment and I shall send you a link to the tickets. Trust me, it is an amazing experience and no one who is in London should miss it.


Have a lovely day people.



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