The safe and familiar

I got to the canteen this morning expecting to have my usual brekkie (baked beans, soft cheese on toast with 2 Clementines, 1 plum and 1 pear) only to find that there was no baked beans!

There was no way I was going to eat just toast and soft cheese and I definitely was not going to eat my toast with scrambled eggs because my brain was wired for baked beans.

After spending 10 minutes loitering around the canteen and trying to convince my brain to pick something else, I decided that oats would serve the purpose.

It was not what I originally wanted but I had to put things in perspective; I was hungry and there was a need to save my colleagues from the grumpiness that would arise from an empty stomach.

Life does that to us all and we are forced outside our comfort zones to achieve desired results. We all have our some-what-sacrosanct routines and it is amazing what pressure does to squeeze out creativity from our one track minds.

No one ever succeeds greatly whilst being steadfastly unwilling to step outside their comfort zone but don’t be a fool and just step out without counting the cost, determining whether or not you must have an alternative plan and accepting worst case scenarios that could occur.

In other news, I can finally wear my gloves without the fear of being judged as incapable of withstanding the (cruel) weather.

In a previous post, I explained how December 1st is the official date to wear gloves and other winter paraphernalia. As the sensible woman that I am, I waited until today (the 2nd) to deck myself properly…one must not seem to eager even when one is.

Have a fabulous day people.



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