Grind it out

I hate it when I make up my mind to do something consistently…and fail by the next day. Does anyone feel me?

Like when I say to myself repeatedly that I would be fast asleep by 10pm and by midnight, I’m still wide awake going through my Instagram feed and searching for new room decor ideas on Pinterest.

Last night, I had enough of my good intentions and I said to myself – “self, you have to stop being totally undisciplined and put down that phone or else you would need toothpicks to prop your eyes open at work tomorrow”.

I did put down the phone and went to bed about 10:45 pm which was not the plan and I must be in bed by 10pm tonight. Someone say amen!

Then I woke up this morning thinking to myself that it is not so difficult to refine my behaviour, I just need to be consistent about the refining process.

It is not enough to decide I want to be fast asleep early, I need to be proactive about my decision and keep the ‘why’ at the forefront of my mind and then proceed to plot out the ‘how’.

It is just a bit like keeping your house clean. The reason you do so is to ensure you don’t have an abode that is akin to the jungle (with rats, mice, squirrels, spirogyra and snakes sharing your kitchen space).

You could wait till the end of the month to get rid of the grime and dirt (and be dog tired after cleaning up) or you could do something daily to keep your house in tip top shape; like washing up immediately after a meal, vacuuming/brushing the carpet every other evening, wiping the tables and doors…the list is endless.

What we want just does not magically happen (not even if you are Harry Potter), we have to constantly and mindfully engage in activities to reach our set goals/ aspirations. If you ever feel unmotivated, remember why you are doing it and the consequences of not being consistent in the seemingly mundane tasks.

In other news, December is here! Yippe Yay! Just in case you are wondering, it is my birth month and I tend to get excited as it is the only month where my wish list is honoured. So a little heads up, I shall be posting a wish list very soon 😊.

Have a lovely day people.

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