Excessive disorder

I have many idiosyncrasies and one of them is my penchant for orderliness and complete disdain of anything uncertain.

I mean, I would judge you ruthlessly if I ever find out that you don’t know what you want to, for example, eat if we are to meet up at a restaurant and I sent you the menu days earlier. How dare you not know what you want to eat?
The menu is online, people have reviewed the different kind of food options on trip advisor, Time Out and even good old Google so how dare you waste my time mulling over what to eat when you could have done that before we got to the restaurant? (On the flip side, don’t you dare judge me if I exercise my right to freedom of uncertainty…just kidding).

As you can imagine, I am continuously learning not to tear my hair out when my friends express indecision around me and I swallow a retort when ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ expresses her cluelessness when it comes to what flavour of ice cream we should order on a Friday night. As you can see, I can be a very mean person to be around when I perceive you have excessive uncertainty. God help me.

I realise that we all need a certain degree of uncertainty to make our lives interesting and shun complacency but how can we avoid being ensnared by the wiles of excessive uncertainty? A few tips:

· Determine the level of uncertainty you are willing to accept: There are no hard and fast rules but what is your end goal? Once you determine that, align your activities to that end goal. Of course, life has a way of throwing curveballs but don’t throw your hands up in despair resolving to accept all uncertainties. There is a lot of information readily available to help make informed decisions.

· Dust yourself up and plan again: The tendency to leave things to chance arises when things we plan don’t work out as we envisaged. After a while, you tend to question the usefulness of having lofty plans when uncertainties abound. Trash that thought partner! It could be quite draining but planning helps you get ready for whatever and devise ways to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

· Don’t be afraid to plan again/ replan based on new information: Due to the dynamic nature of life in general, new information crops up. Don’t be so sacrosanct about your plans that you don’t consider them at all. If any change is required, by all means introduce the change to your plans but ensure it aligns to your main goal (or revisit your main goal if the information causes a fundamental change).

In other news, I finally learned how to make coconut curry sauce with shrimps and it was delicious (even though I say so myself). I shall have to plan a dinner at mine to showcase my new skills…yes, I am a bit of a show off.

Have a lovely day people.



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