Travails of a foodie

I am the world’s most famous foodie and everyone who knows me (or follows me on Instagram) can attest to the fact that I think of food a lot. It is so bad that when I cook, my meals can feed a family of 10 all because I have no self control when it comes to cooking.

You don’t believe me? Ask my friends…they know that I cook for the week on Saturdays and they ‘casually’ drop by my place to get their takeaway packs (I am a Yoruba girl and I don’t play with my bowls so I keep takeaway packs handy).

My propensity to cook large meals is inversely proportional to the amount of food on my plate. I am the first to admit that I eat like a mouse and it takes me almost an hour to eat a meal (for dinner, I could watch a whole episode of The Apprentice and still have food left over).

Recently, I have been educated about portion control and how I can eat my tasty pasta/noodles without feeling guilty especially as I am being careful with my blood sugar level (diabetes in the family and blah, blah, blah).

Without even knowing it, I was on to something huge and medically proven – eating small meals frequently does your body a whole lot of good than eating large meals twice or thrice a day.

How is it possible to stop your stomach from growling when it has only had a handful of food as a meal? This is what I do to quell the hunger demon:

· Drink water before and after meals. This is the hardest thing for me to do and I cheat by adding lemon and mint in my 50cl of water just so I can drink it all. You could try adding watermelon/strawberries/whatever fruit catches your fancy.

· Get a small bowl and eat only what that bowl contains ( I use a 250ml bowl). Easier said than done but with continuous practice, it is amazing how my stomach has adapted.

· Pre plan meals. Yes, it is possible. If I , the world renowned foodie, can have a meal timetable so can you. Allow some flexibility for date nights and dinners with friends.

· Snack on Carrots, mango slices, almonds or a bar of snickers (chocolate is a fruit so don’t judge me). As long as you can measure the calories you consume while snacking, I personally think you would be fine…use myfitnesspal if all else fails. Besides, I prefer snickers as they are tastier than mixed seed energy bars and just 50 more calories.


The portion control principle can also be applied to time management. Instead of constantly telling myself that I don’t have time to do such and such, I ‘portion control’ my time to fit in more things so I can be effective.

In my previous post, I wrote about how I divide my day into hourly segments and allocate tasks/activities so I can account for all I have done in a day.

In other news, today is the last session of the Hillsong Leadership Masterclass and it has been a very insightful term on leadership and what it entails. It has opened my mind up to understand that being a leader is not all about having people follow you mindlessly but engaging and equipping people on my team to be great at what they do.

Have a beautiful day people.



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