I am not a careless person and it frustrates me to no end when I misplace things. Recently, I have misplaced my hairbrush, my wrist watch and king of all things I misplaced my clutch on Sunday (in church of all places)!

That was the last straw…how can I, little Miss Efficient, misplace so many things? When I could not find my clutch, I mentally berated myself for such stupidity. How could I have left my clutch on a seat in Dominion theatre? Someone could have been tempted by my shiny clutch filled with my keys, travel card and knick knacks of no value and thought I had lots of cash in it.

Long story short, my team mate (Oyin) found it lying carelessly a few seats away and all was well with the world. I was just grateful that I didn’t have to breakdown the door to my apartment but I had to calm myself down.

Yes, everyone is busy but not everyone is disorganised and loses things. I decided that there is a need to get back on track and make sure I have a mental picture of where everything I own is. No misplacing things that would send my heart racing, my apartment has to be tidy, on point and not looking like a bored kitten lives in it.

I believe that a disorganised environment (which includes consistently misplacing things) is a manifestation of an disconcerted mind and I don’t say this in a mean way. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and there are people who are so happy that they thrive in chaos…good for them. There are those of us who just don’t understand how our surroundings are so messy and we are not comfortable with it.

The remedy? I do not claim to have all the answers but what these seem to be working for me at the moment:

· Creating time for a ‘me time’ and ensuring no one interrupts it by switching off my phone and just consciously taking deep breaths. (I even throw in a facial massage which does wonders to calm my forever racing mind).

· Ensuring my daily to-do list has only 7 items on it. I feel so stressed when it is 5pm and I have not ticked off half my list (which used to be 12-20 items long).

· Reading something humorous on my commute home from work. It sets me in the mood to properly unwind.

· Drinking lots of water with lime and mint in it. (That’s my personal preference…I enjoy sparkling water with lime and mint in it 😊).

· Writing a lot even if it is random write ups that make no sense.

It sounds all Zen and New age but it is working for me so far and I encourage you to think about what may help you unwind. No pressure though, you have the free reign to change your mind if an unwinding strategy does not work for you. Life is to be enjoyed and we shall not allow disorderliness creep into our minds. Amen!

In other news, as a testament to my former state of mind I spilt coffee on my MacBook Pro! Thank God for Shamim’s wisdom as she jumped into action and turned the lappy upside down. Then we stuffed bits of newspaper to soak up the rest of the liquid, switched off the lappy and it worked perfectly the next day! Surely, the gods of technology decided to be favourable towards me despite my folly.


Have an amazing day people.



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