The Sushi Convert

I am one of those human beings who believe that if you must eat an animal, it should be the flesh of a cow, goat, ram, sheep, chicken, guinea fowl or turkey…no innards, no skin just the flesh. No other animals allowed, thank you very much (and definitely no fish).

Gradually, I started welcoming some species of animals especially as I once mistook tuna for shredded chicken (I know…what was I thinking?) and I decided maybe all fish are not equal.

I graduated to salmon this year and I judge all the people in my life who allowed me wallow in ignorance all these years…Salmon is the ish!

Last week, Kathy D (the Trini with the sexiest accent on the planet) sent me a text last week saying we should meet up before our Hillsong leadership master class on Wednesday.

I excitedly accepted because everyone know there is nothing I like better than food and great company.

Then she had to ruin my excitement by asking me if I liked sushi. Sigh! I was forced to admit that I was an ignorant sushi novice who had no desire to eat raw fish with skin on it…yuck!

She assured me that this would be a food adventure of a lifetime and we set a date for Wednesday the 12th of November; a date I shall never forget for the rest of my life.

We settled on meeting at Yoshino at Piccadilly and as soon as I walked in, I knew deep in my heart that this was the place to lose my sushi cynicism.

It is such a beautiful and appropriately lit restaurant with very friendly and smiley staff. I was ushered upstairs and the kind manager let me choose any seat I wanted whilst waiting for Kathy D.

I scanned the menu and it all looked like a maze…I had no idea what these things were (what on earth is Zuke tekka, ni to ri Olohun?).

Then Kathy D came to the rescue, it was so good to see her and we nibbled on peas whilst she explained what each sushi was…thank goodness there was no exam because I simply didn’t understand why there were more than 3 varieties of sushi.

Anyhoo, we settled on the king prawn chilli mayo, California spicy tuna, Premium salmon and fresh crabstick salad and I prayed silently that Sebastian and his under the sea friends would be appetising enough for me to forget that it was raw fish in it…shudder.

The meal came, I made the sign of the cross and rededicated my life to God (Don’t judge me, you never know. Plus, I have watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds and NCIS where people were poisoned whilst eating raw fish).

To cut the long story, it was delicious and definitely not what I expected but the green tea was awful…or maybe I don’t know what real Japanese green tea tastes like.



The experience has made me decide to try more new things. Life is too short biko and I don’t want to wonder why I never dyed my hair orange when I get to heaven.

Life is to be enjoyed so make an effort not to allow misconceptions prevent you from trying new things.

In other news, I have been searching for the perfect red winter coat (you know, the kind that when you wear it everyone bows and acknowledges that the coat is straight from heaven) and I can’t seem to find any in UK size 6 or 8.

Is there a ban that I know nothing of or am I searching in the wrong places (aka online as I am too lazy to go in store)? Please help a sister out and point me in the right direction.

Have a fab day people.



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