Cold Fingers

I’ve been putting off wearing gloves because everyone knows that the 1st of December is the legal date for switching on the heater, wearing gloves, boots and all sorts of winter paraphernalia.

Despite the fact that the sun is out, the weather is so cold I no longer have to put vegetables in the fridge and all my fingers are as pale as custard with milk.

I make a conscious effort not to complain about the weather as engaging in such is an exercise in futility. After all, I cannot control the weather but I can decide to dress up appropriately and ensure that no part of my body is exposed to the treachery that is the British bipolar weather.

In many ways, I complain/worry a lot about situations beyond my control and then get a headache or become miserable because I cannot see a way out of such situations. The antidote to such? Control what I can and react differently to situations beyond my control.

Easier said than done but that is the cure for a life filled with stress and anxiety.

Like the Dan Zadra says “worry is a misuse of the imagination” and he is right. We often worry about situations beyond our control which leads to us suspending our brains and focusing on the situation instead on focusing on how we can adapt to the situation or improve the situation.

There would always be something to worry about and things that are simply beyond our control but we can choose to reduce the lines on our faces by training our minds to react differently.

In other news, it is my adopted sister’s birthday…Yay!


Happy Birthday to the super talented writer, lawyer and all rounder – Rayo! Hope you eat lots of cake, add some weight and have an amazing day with lots to look forward to in this new year of your life.

Have a lovely day people.



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