I wake up every Monday morning wondering where the weekend went and spending circa 20 minutes in bed trying to convince my brain that I can make it to work despite how achy my body feels.

This morning was no different and, as usual, I dragged myself out of my luxuriously comfortable bed and prepared for the day.

Regardless of how much I hate this routine, I rationalise in my head that the main goal of getting up is to ensure I am able to pay for all those nice things I seem not to do without (yes those 15 scented candles and 100 pairs of shoes are extremely important, just ask Christina Aguilera).

For some reason, I seem to give others the impression that I live for early morning rising and an extremely organised calendar which I religiously follow. If only they knew.

In all honesty, I am the most disorganised person I know (I see you staring in disbelief) and I cannot effectively function without a to-do list.

If I have a free time in my calendar, it is not spent fervently studying my bible like a good Christian woman or working on my abs as Angus would like me to but on Pinterest/ Instagram (don’t judge me).

A couple of years ago, I decided I’d had enough of my unproductive lifestyle and I drew up a life plan using Michael Hyatt’s own as a guide. After mapping out what I wanted out of my life, I drafted a weekly rhythm which I update weekly and stick on the most visible part of my room (which is my refrigerator at the moment).

In the beginning, I would not do half of what I wrote down and this got to me a lot. I almost gave up on the whole weekly rhythm planning but I decided that without the rhythm, I would not fulfil the big plans that I had drawn up in my life plan and may end up a failure in life (okay, that is extreme but you get my point).
After a number of weeks (week 23 of 2011 to be exact), I finally had a rhythm I stuck to and even when I didn’t feel like doing anything, my brain would just not let me.

It is a bit like taking a shower every morning and not liking it but doing so anyway because you don’t want that girl you fancy to think you are a pig or washing your face every evening because you know you would break out if you sleep with your make up on.

My advice with to-do lists and weekly schedules/rhythms is that you know what the end goal is and remind yourself often that if you do not stick to this seemingly annoying schedule, you may not attain a certain goal within the timeframe set.

A little warning though, always review your schedule as the worst thing is to blindly follow a rhythm that is no longer relevant…I review mine on the last Saturday of every month but find what works for you. If you want a sample of my rhythm, please send me a message and I shall gladly share it with you.

In other news, thank you to all who sent me messages/advice about my previous post on my facial woes. Apparently I need to stay away from dairy products and eat more fruits and vegetables. Chocolate is a fruit yea?

Have a lovely day people.



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