Facial woes

I have had a pimple ridden face for as long as I can remember. As you can imagine, I have tried all sorts of facial remedies from the £2 remedies to the £100 remedies…all I can say is that my face is still as spotty and blotchy as ever. It used to get to me a lot and I hated having my pictures taken because I knew all that would be seen would be a very oily face with lots of pimples, dark spots and freckles. So I got very adept in hiding my face behind my hair and focusing on elaborate eye make up and hazel contact lenses to distract everyone from my face.

twzIt actually took me a long while to believe I am a beautiful woman. I mean, I hear it from different people at different times “oh Toyin, you are beautiful” etc and I think to myself, beautiful? How? With my face which has 27 different colours, black spots, acne marks…I can go on. I simply did not believe in my beauty and it was worse as I can’t use any foundation without majorly breaking out in cystic pimples. Brown powder is an anathema to my skin and I just about gave up on anything that would soothe my angry face.

Last year, I lived in Dubai and as usual I broke out in painful pimples (I always break out when I change locations). I went for a facial and the lady just kept going on and on about my beautiful, sexy eyes and how she would give anything to have eyes like mine. In my head I was thinking “please take the eyes, I want your skin!”. She has the dewy kind of facial skin I want and I could not believe she wanted my eyes.

I had a long discussion with myself after that facial and realised that my face would be with me for for as long as I live and the way I accepted myself would be the way others accepted me. So I resolved to do the following:

  • Plot out a skin regimen and stick with it.
  • Get rid of my facial insecurities.
  • Focus on the beautiful parts of my face : my eyes and my smile :).

I have done this for a year now and even though the change of weather (summer to autumn) has made me break out again, this year, I am not shy of taking pictures and hiding my face. I now use the following:

Yes, I know. It is a long list but so far this helps a lot plus every evening, I massage my face with a mixture of olive oil, castor oil and tee tree oil. Though my face is not yet as clear as I want it to be, the breakouts are not as awful as before and my face does not feel inflamed. For the dark spots, I have not yet decided what to use, what do you recommend?

In other news, my flatmate is moving back to Brazil so the hunt for a new flatmate begins. Sigh. I need my original flatmate, Carol, back from Boston biko and this whole hunt would be over.

Have a fab weekend people.



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