Resources v. Resourcefulness

I take for granted that certain things are provided for me and I would be close to helpless without them.


This morning after my very ‘enjoyable’ gym session (I even threw in 15 minutes of burpees to shame Angus), I went to the bathroom and lo and behold there were no towels! Why evils?

I walked confidently to the reception stating the obvious. The reply? “Oh, we sent an email last night informing members to bring their towels because we ran out of fresh supplies”.

See me see local trouble. Who reads their emails at night biko? I didn’t have the strength to speak English, I just thanked her and went to the bathroom, grabbed a wad of paper towels and used them in place of cotton towels. Abeg, I cannot shout biko so don’t judge me. After all, all na towel ba?

As usual, I pondered on what happened and realised how easy it is to give excuse when we lack the resources to do things. Many of us have dreams and goals yet we short circuit ourselves by using phrases like “if only I had x, y would happen.” Story.

We should change our speech from that to “in spite of x, y happened”…that is the mindset of an achiever.

I listen to Tony Robbins regularly and I remember his 2006 Ted Talk titled “why we do what we do”.

He said a lot in those 22 minutes but what has remained etched in my brain for years is the phrase “the defining factor (for success) is never resources, it is resourcefulness.” Can I get an Amen somebody?

I encourage you to creatively engage your mind to achieve things you desire…even if it is as seemingly insignificant as achieving cleanliness after a gruelling workout session.

In other news, on my way to the station I spotted a new book that my heart desires – Gray Mountain by John Grisham. I know, I know…you wonder how these books find me. Me sef, I wonder. Just in case you are still thinking of random things to get me, this would be a good buy and you could get one for yourself too! #winning

Have a fab day people!



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