The blame game

I got to the gym super late this morning all because the bus from the train station was 15 minutes late. My late bus explanation did not deter Angus (aka slave driver beachbody trainer) from punishing me even though it was clearly not my fault and there was nothing I could do about it.

It was difficult to smile while swinging 12kg kettle bells (frankly, I was tempted to throw the silly kettle bells at him). To top it off, I forgot my work shoes at home so had to wear my bright neon and magenta gym shoes to work whilst wearing a suit! Mother of all horrors…perhaps, I should have just slept in today?

This morning’s hiccups made me think of three things akin to my situation:
– a lion would not refrain from eating a human being all because s/he is vegetarian.
– the sun shines on both kind and wicked people.
– sometimes, things inexplicably happen to us but we need to make a choice on what our reaction would be.

Although my issues were not calamitous, I am aware that how we react to seemingly little inconveniences have an impact on how we react to things that knock the wind out of us.

It is easy to cry “woe is me” when things go wrong; easier still to blame other for situations we find ourselves in but it takes a mature and resolute mind to get over a pity party and plot strategies to bounce back.

Instead of giving excuses or absolving ourselves of all fault, focus on the fact that what has happened has happened but you can choose to react in ways that don’t steal your joy or hope for better things to come.

The story of Elijah in the bible (1King 19) is a good reference. When Jezebel threatened to kill him after he slew the prophets of Baal, he was in a state of so much despair that he practically begged God to take his life.

He complained that he was the only zealous servant of God who had never worshipped Baal yet God was allowing ‘bad things’ happen to him.

In response to that, God told him he was not the only one who had not bowed to Baal…there were 7,000 others just like him! Talk about bringing one back to reality. God told him where to find people who were in the same boat as he was and
‘minister unto them’.

I won’t reproduce all that happened in 1King 19 here but here are some nuggets:

– when you are in a tough situation, it is okay to have a pity party but don’t wallow in self pity. Impossible as it sounds, you are never alone so find others in similar situations and encourage them.
– hold on to hope. Find some ray of light in the dark and hold on to it.
– there is always something to learn in dire situations. Get your notepad/iPad out and ponder on what you can learn from your circumstances.

In other news, I have resolved to have 2 extra pairs of shoes at work after today’s oversight. Never again am I wearing trainers with my beautifully tailored suit. Well, except it becomes fashionable (hint to all fashionistas and fashion bloggers out there).

Have a fab day people!



7 thoughts on “The blame game

  1. You just made my day….couldn’t stop laughing. So you are one of those ladies I see wearing gym shoes with suit 😂😃😃 Did you take a pics of your suit on brightly coloured gym shoes?


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