E ba mi kira fun mama mi

I know you all think I’m a divine goddess who just mysteriously appeared on earth and rules as the Queen of Spades. Well, I hate to burst your bubble but I was born of a woman and that woman, my mother, is celebrating her birthday today. Yay!

Where shall I start from? My mother is an amazing superwoman who excels in all she does despite challenges and set backs.

Thinking back to my days as a little child where she would tolerate no nonsense and now as an adult where she encourages me to work hard, play hard and generally find my sweet spot.

Despite her busy schedule, she makes sure we chat on what’s app daily even though it’s a simple hello.

So today, in the words of Asa:
“E bami kira fun mama. Orisa bi iya o, ko si laye”. This basically means you should hail my mother as there is no goddess like her on earth.

Have a fabulous day people and eat some cake in honour of my mother’s birthday.



2 thoughts on “E ba mi kira fun mama mi

  1. Many happy returns to your Mum on the day.. Unfortunately some of us are far too susceptible to piling up on the folds to indulge in cake.. We’ll have to pass on this occasion 🙂


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