I have been following the advice of a nutritionist about eating breakfast before drinking coffee. She explained that when one eats after the morning coffee, the meal is as useless as eating cardboard. She also stressed the fact that it can mess up your sugar levels which in turn make you crave for food…it’s an inexplicable vicious cycle.

Today I unwittingly had coffee before my meal. For some reason, I forgot I had not eaten my peanut butter and jelly sandwich (Shout out to all the PBJ fans out there) and was horrified to find it in my bag. No wonder I was so grumpy and could not fully concentrate in my team meeting. How does one forget to eat biko?

As I made the discovery around 11, I remembered that the Hobbits and sensible Brits have elevenses so today I’m a Sensible British Hobbit (#SBH) enjoying her very American PBJ whilst sipping peppermint tea. Don’t you just love the clash of cultures right there?


No, I am not here to moan about my inability to remember whether or not I’ve had brekkie.

The thing is this: make the best out of whatever situation you find yourself. Yes, we all want to be disciplined individuals who achieve all our set goals and leave nothing to chance.

What happens when the planned rhythms change? Do you fixate on the fact that you’ve messed up? Do you choose to acknowledge that you’ve messed up and decide in spite of that to rediscover ways to get back on track and emerge triumphantly? The choice is yours so choose wisely.

In other news, my Landlord has increased my rent for the 3rd time this year! Is it a crime to want to live as close to Central London as I possibly can? Maybe I should consider moving to Surrey or Kent. Maybe not. He wants to run me out of this city and I shall never allow that. Never. Sigh!

Have an amazing day people.


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