KC’s Lemon Pie

I have this Domenican/American/almost British friend called K and boy does she make authentic Domenican recipes. She is stingy though, she absolutely does not share her recipes but she has no idea that I am a proper Naija girl…an Abuja girl for that matter. So I only asked once for her Lemon Pie recipe and she hemmed and hawed but withheld the secret (bogusly claiming that it was passed down from her grandmother ko great-grandmother…stories that touch).

For some reason, well I don’t have a reason, but so this story makes sense I would cook up a reason. I was craving Lemon Pie because I had not had a sinful pastry in ages and today was my designated eat-unhealthy-pastry day. I knew if I asked her for the recipe again, she would smirk but I badly needed that Lemon Pie biko.

I stopped feeling sorry for myself, got out the ingredients and set to work. If K can make such a delicious dessert, so can I. I listened to Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech whilst praying silently in my heart that it would come out well. Now, I know it is distasteful to brag but I am going to be very distasteful: My Lemon Pie was off the hizzle fo’ shizzle yo! I am not going to rub it in and post pictures of my incredibly tasty pie, I am born again remember?

Here is what my Lemon Pie tirade is analogous to: It is relatively easy to sit and wait for people to give us directions on how to do certain things in life and we inadvertently blame them for our lack of skill or knowledge. The truth is we are the only ones responsible for the decisions we make and the way our lives turn out. Yes, it may seem like some people have it made and more resources than we have at their disposal but what are you doing with the resources at your disposal? Like they say, the grass is greener where it is watered. So when life hands you lemons, get your lemons together and make scrumptious lemon pie.

In other news, my darling friend a.k.a “the princess” got me shoes just because. Yea, no reason at all, it is not my birthday and I haven’t won the lottery. She got me lovely shoes just because. Don’t you just love that?

Have a fabulous weekend people!




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