I was knee deep in work and deadlines yesterday whilst secretly beefing all my friends in Nigeria as it was a public holiday there…Eid celebrations and what not. I’m hardly with my phone but for some reason I was with it yesterday when I received news about Amrah’s death.

How? When? Why? Which kind life? I didn’t know what to say or what to ask. Nobody dies during Eid. Why has my beautiful Amrahtu died so suddenly…so tragically. Such a beautiful and jovial woman and all we have is her picture to look at with unending questions and a void in our hearts.

I met her in Uni and we just clicked. I’m sure everyone has that story about her because her friendliness and openness is legendary. I can remember our conversations, her laughter…I can go on. We all miss her.

I grieve especially as she had so much life in her and lots more to accomplish. My heart aches for her parents who have to bury their daughter. Surely there is no greater heartache than burying the soul you brought to the world.

Inna lillahi wa inna lillahi raji’un. May Allah grant Amrahtu Mohammed Baba Aljannah Firdausi. Amin.



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