I have this Riley Armstrong song continuously playing in my head and it aptly describes how I feel about snoozing. “Sleep, no I never get enough. Always waking up tired. Sleep, no I never get enough. If I don’t show up I might get fired.” He feels me.

It’s so hard waking up on a Monday morning after the gloriously blissful weekend with lots of fun and what not. Then Monday comes like an armed bandit forcing you into the realisation of the cruelty of the week’s hustle and bustle. To top it off, no matter what time you awaken, you feel like you slept for only 30 minutes and would need a toothpick to keep your eyelids open all day. Am I the only one who feels this way? Don’t lie, you know exactly what I mean (I saw you snooze your alarm 5 times).

Like the Superman that I am, I jumped out of bed very early this morning without snoozing my alarm and set about my Monday morning routine even though I was uber tired. After getting dressed, I realised I had about 45 minutes before my train would arrive at the station so I did what any reasonable woman would do…I took a power nap. I should not have taken that power nap. Why did the gods of sleep permit such folly?

The next thing I knew, I was in a frenzy and almost wore my fluffy slippers to work because I couldn’t believe a 15 minute power nap had turned to 30 minutes. I practically flew to the station and got on the platform just in time for my train. Never again would I shut my eyes ‘for a few minutes’ on a Monday morning.

In other news, I think Angus read my blog because he was so undemanding today. Mondays are boxing days and I usually have to take painkillers before AND after the session as Angus a.k.a slave driver a.k.a trainer is on a mission to rid me of all the extra fat in my body. After today’s session, I felt like I didn’t do so much. Thinking about it, have I gotten used to the torture already? Yes…that is it! I am now hardcore and can work out without feeling like I would pass out. Yay! So I decided to treat myself and eat majorly (after all, the only reason I work out is so I can eat to  my heart’s content…don’t judge me).


Have a fab day people!


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