Right Eye Shenanigans

I didn’t forget to take my lunch to work today after yesterday’s ordeal, I cleverly packed my lunch last night (and even snuck a bar of snickers in). Now, I’m digressing before I have even begun writing about my shenanigans of the day. Forgive me.

This morning, I woke up and my right eyelid refused to be in sync with its left counterpart. I keep telling people that my body has a mind of its own but they don’t believe me. How can my brain, hair and even little toe gloriously awaken but my right eye refuses to even stir? I call it the trials of being a big eye. Maybe it has had enough of me criticising it for being too big to use eyeliner and only considering it when I need to wear my contacts. Maybe it is reacting to the coffee overload in my system. Maybe it is just being simply rebellious.


I don’t know why it was cross with me but I had to massage it with olive oil and when it did open, it was so painful I considered going back to bed (as if sleeping would do anything to soothe the pain). It is much better now and I am glad it has not been affected with apollo conjunctivitis or anything of that sort. As I cannot wear sunshades due to lack of sunlight, I cannot afford to have anything wrong with my lovely eyes…yes I am vain, bite me.

The action of my right eye can be likened to the actions of many people in our circles. Family and friends we have taken for granted and until they act up, we don’t realise how much they mean to us and how our whole being is affected if/ when they decide to walk away. We all know how important it is to pay attention to those dear to us but how many of us deliberately create the time to invest in the maturity of our relationships?

I have been attending the Hillsong Leadership Masterclass and this week’s class was taught by Matt Bird who helps people build relationships. He spoke about a lot of things but I would highlight what he calls the approaches to keeping relationships and they are:

1. Small Talk: Basic but important as it breaks the ice and relaxes the person you are with.

2. The gift of listening: Listening is more than a technique. It is a gift you give the person you are with as you are completely present in the moment.

3. Curiosity: Genuine and authentic inquisitiveness of others and finding them fascinating.

4. Openness: People buy into this as it provides the tapestry of human connection.

5. Appropriate Vulnerability: This has to be used with discretion as people you are vulnerable with have a choice to either expose you or trust you back .

To know more about Matt Bird and his concept of relationology, just click here and enjoy his writings.

In other news, Apple has yet another iOs 8 update. SIgh. Hope this update has no bugs that would prevent me from using my bluetooth and wifi as the last update did. A few iOs 8 memes to make you smile:

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender

Have a great day people!



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