Scarves out

I woke up this morning with the chilly breeze unruffling my pseudo feathers. Summer is definitely over and it’s time to cover up properly. No more short dresses with tightless legs. Bummer. I wonder why it can’t be summer all year round. Sigh.

My body just can’t get used to anything below 18 degrees. Haba. Am I an Eskimo? I usually know I should wear a scarf and jacket/blazer when the middle finger on my left hand has this pale yellow colour and my nose keeps twitching. You think I’m exaggerating? You are entitled to your opinion. Just remember I’m from a city where cool weather is 20 degrees Celsius (shout out to all my Abuja peeps!)

All that happened this morning and I almost cried. I’ve been enjoying the summer a tad too much and now I’ve got to dig out my coat from under my bed as the weather changes. (Don’t judge me, anything I wear less than once a month goes under my bed).

Anyway, this is my own dirge to summer 2014. A summer I had so much fun it should be illegal. I went for loads of BBQs, watched more plays than I can remember, read countless books in the park (something I took for granted) and met so many lovely people who are now on my speed dial. It was also the summer of the Hillsong expansion, a new season in my church that became a new season for my team, my friends and me.


2014 has been my best summer yet and I’m so glad I enjoyed it. I certainly would miss it but I’m looking forward to better seasons ahead.

In totally unrelated news, I forgot my lunch at home this morning! Everyone knows I’m the original foodie and not a fan of the bland English meals served in the office canteen. Oh well, I shall survive but please pray for a sister. Pray that none of her colleagues would choose this moment of weakness to annoy her and tempt her to set them right with her keyboard on their medula.

Have a fab day people.



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