8/14/14 – Where’s my happy ending?

Seun's Skeleton Blog

I’m in Atlanta tonight. After just three months in Washington DC, I’ve been transferred to a new team that is based at the corporate headquarters. In the last year, I’ve lived in Johannesburg, Lagos, Paris, Delhi and Goa. I almost don’t want to unpack my suitcase anymore. I’ve switched jobs almost as often in the same period: from a management consultant, to a technical advisor, to a networker and advocate.

I met my cousin for dinner tonight. I haven’t seen her in years. She’s bought a new car, a shiny black Audi TT. She’s been at her job for five years, has paid off almost all her loans, and is every inch a successful, beautiful, confident young professional. Sitting across the table from her, and mentally comparing my haphazard life against her stable one, the feeling of having lost some of the best years of my life overwhelms me.


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