Book Review: The Making of a Man How Men and Boys Honor God and Live with Integrity By Tim Brown

I wonder why it has taken me so long to review this book especially as it has now entered my hall of fame for books.


As with anyone who enjoys American football, I was curious to know what Tim Brown had in store for his readers and I was not disappointed. Although it is clearly written for men, as a woman I totally enjoyed reading the book as Tim expresses the importance of holding oneself to a higher standard and maintaing integrity in all one does.

In no particular order, I enjoyed the nuggets he gives as to characteristics men should imbibe:

  1. Thankfulness: Tim explains that when a man does not make the conscious effort to seek out things he is thankful for, he tends to take life for granted and would not even recognise opportunities staring him in the face.
  2. Persistence: I particularly love this point as he explains in chapter 5 how persistence creates confidence which in turn leads to excellence.

  3. Good company: In chapter 14, Tim emphasises the fact that surrounding yourself with good people gives you the leverage to be a better person and also presents an opportunity to rid yourself of adverse attitudes and behaviours.

  4. Respect: It is amusing how we want respect but we are not prepared to go through the stages that would earn us the respect we want. In chapter 15, Tim gives illustrations on how he has learned to respect and be respected.

  5. Legacy: I had not given much thought to this until I read this book. Tim encourages you to stop and think about what legacy you want to leave behind and then work toward that. His quote “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives” rings true.

I definitely want my man reading this book because it provides a reference to which one can honour God in all activities undertaken.

In other news, I am loving fiction again and hopefully would post some reviews on the hoard of fictional books I have to read.

Have a lovely day people!



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